มู้ดดี้ วิลเลจ แบรนด์เคสมือถือ ตัวการ์ตูนจากหมู่บ้านมู้ดดี้ ดีไซน์แนวๆ ป่วงๆ  หน้าอมตุ่ย กวนต่อมมู้ดดี้เลยล่ะ
moody’s village is where we find || moody characters, uniquely designed  for your phone case >_<"
Welcome to Moody's Village.

Moody’s Village is where we find moody-indy-cute characters, uniquely designed for your phone case. You might easily fall in love with our characters; indy-moody-but happy inside.

Phone Case is handmade product. We designed all characters, sketched, and painted by ourselves. Our technique to bring them to life is Baking!!! We baked the plain case with Moody's Village characters. After heat transfer magic, finally we will get a perfect phone case with moody-indy-cute characters. ^^ All process done by ourselves at GUTS Studio. \(^^)/

Join us at moody’s village. It’ s a unique place for your imagination. ^^)_v


/// Moodys' Village ///
  just a moody day 
not behaving today
it's just me anyway